Why our clients keep coming back…


Margaret tried numerous salons over the years. But she couldn’t find one to meet her needs. Until she stepped into Akada Hair Salon and sat down in Anjel’s chair.


“I could tell instantly that Anjel has a very trained eye. She has such an artistic flair and is so talented. She took the time to look at my face, ask questions and then came up with something she knew would work. I was thrilled. It’s the perfect solution for everything I wanted.”


Now every experience Margaret has at Akada Hair Salon is a positive one.


“I know that I am getting something special when I go in there and I don’t ever have to worry about the results. I know it is going to come out right. I get my money’s worth.”


And people notice.


“I have never had so many compliments on my cut and color. I will be out shopping and people say, ‘I love your hair, where did you get it done?’ That’s the kind of work she does. It is that noticeable.”



No reason to look anywhere else…


More than 10 years ago Tony’s wife told him about Akada Hair Salon. Now he can’t imagine going anywhere else.  Mindi is Tony’s stylist.


“I don’t need to tell Mindi what to do and I have never walked out of there wishing I had another haircut. It really means she does the best job every single time.”


The best job because even the clients recognize the emphasis on education at The Akada Salon.


“As long as I have known Mindi she has always talked about increasing her knowledge. She goes to New York, Los Angles, even London to constantly increase her skill set. That is pretty darn impressive.”


The salon’s culture impresses Tony too.


“At other places it is just an experience, but the culture Anjel has created is a step above. Everyone is so personable and professional you wouldn’t begin to think about getting your haircut anywhere else.”



It’s about each client’s individual needs…


Kim followed her stylist Tammy to Akada 12 years ago. She appreciates the professional nature of the salon and how very accommodating everyone is.


“There is a no-nonsense approach at Akada. It’s an adult shop. You feel like you are in a grown up place, free of drama.  Everyone is helpful, nice and accommodating. Appointment reminders are by phone or email. They are current with how they communicate and make it easy for the client.”


In her late 40’s now, Kim appreciates that her stylist doesn’t try to make her into someone she isn’t


“Stylists here actually have conversations with you. They ask about your lifestyle, have you considered or tried this? I don’t want to come out of there looking like I am 19 years old. Anjel and her staff get that. They gain your trust and never lose it.”