Reviews from Employees

Akada Hair Salon isn’t just a great place to get your hair done. It is also a great place to work.

Check out these testimonials from both current and past employees.

As a former employee at Akada hair salon, I only have great things to say about my experience here. Akada is truly one of a kind. I hated to leave the place that had become a second home and a family to me.  With a new baby, it was only necessary to leave to be closer to family (5 hours away).

Working at Akada allowed me to grow in so many ways. Not only career wise, but as an individual. I learned so much through the hands on training, the communication classes and from the opportunity to travel to classes with world renowned stylists.  All of this made me grow, stay up to date and  become more successful.

Anjel created a salon environment so you can succeed and grow. It’s not your typical salon.  Although fast paced, it is a comfortable place where everyone works so well together, is friendly and very driven. You learn so much from everyone and are always encouraged to do so.  There’s so much emphasis on being yourself, to do what you do best and keep learning.

Anjel has the ability to recognize your potential and strongly encourages you to reach your goals.  I would not have come this far in my career without Anjel and everyone here. I will truly miss it and will forever compare salons to it.

Christine Knab, Stylist at Akada from November 2008 to June 2013

After attending the OhioAcademy – PaulMitchellPartnerSchool, I knew I wanted to look for a salon with a training program and a great work environment. Akada has offered me both and I am so happy to work here. I have learned so much in the Training Program here.

The classes are so much more in depth than any I had before. From these classes, I’ve not only learned new cutting and coloring techniques but also how important it is to personalize each service to best fit each client. All the other stylists at Akada are so knowledgeable and helpful. I love the energy everyone brings! I look forward to growing as a stylist and continue to learn from Akada’s Training Program.

Amanda Fannin, Stylist in Training at Akada since December 2012

During my training at Akada, I’ve learned so many valuable things. We learn more than just how to cut and color a client’s hair. We learn the art of making everyone, women and men, look beautiful. It is a personalized approach. The training program is superior to any others that I’ve seen. It is extremely thorough. Everyone teaching at Akada genuinely wants you to learn and succeed. They all go above and beyond to teach and help you achieve your goals. I love that I’m continually growing and learning something new every day.

Samantha Schrank, Stylist in Training at Akada since October 2012