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At Akada, beauty rules … and artists evolve

What sets us apart

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We’re passionate about the art of hair.

Akada’s master stylists see the beauty in every woman, and they know instinctively how to bring it out. It begins with an analysis of face and body shape and hair, skin, and eye color. But it goes far beyond that.


A woman’s style should reflect the way she lives and who she is as a person. By actively listening and responding to her needs, we bring all these things together.


It’s only then that we pick up our shears.


We never stop learning and improving.

The quality hair products we sell keep our clients beautiful in more ways than one.


10% of a stylist’s retail sales go into a personal education fund. At least once a year, he/she must use that money to travel for hands-on professional training, a broader perspective, and a grasp of the latest fashion and beauty trends. Our stylists then share their experience with each other through in-house training seminars. They become teachers as well as students.


Learn more about Akada’s focus on education.


We’re a community, committed to our clients and each other.

Akada stylists and staff maintain an environment of trust, collaboration, and respect. It’s also an environment where creativity thrives.

Maybe that’s why:

  • Our stylists’ earnings are twice the industry average
  • Our employee turnover rate is extremely low
  • Our client retention rate is more than twice the industry average


Akada Awards

  • In June 2010, national magazine Salon Today named Akada “Salon of the Year.”
  • Since Akada opened in 1997, Columbus CitySearch readers have consistently voted us among the top salons in the city.


Do you have what it takes to join our team?