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At Akada, we see hair as an art form, our clients as our inspiration and communication as one of our most important tools.


Our stylists come from places like Paul Mitchell, Aveda, and other Ohio schools. And they stay here far longer than the industry average. While our expectations are high, the rewards far surpass what other private salons can offer. Our stylists’ income potential is twice the industry average.


What we look for


Akada stylists have substance as well as style.


To work with us, you must be technically skilled. But in our eyes, it’s just as important to be:

  • Passionate about hair
  • Grounded in your approach
  • Responsive and dedicated to your clients
  • Committed to working as a team
  • Motivated to learn and evolve
  • Serious about the business of beauty


What we provide


When you join our team, you get far more than just a chair. You get benefits to build a financially stable life and the knowledge to build a rewarding career.


Employee benefits


  • Health insurance
  • A Simple IRA plan
  • Flexible hours
  • Paid vacation
  • Opportunities for continuous professional growth
  • The prestige of working at a 2010 Salon Today “Salon of the Year”
  • A prime location on a high-traffic block of Grandview Avenue
  • A workplace environment that is clean, neat, and efficient
  • Work stations that were custom built to accommodate your equipment


Training and education


At Akada, we’re committed to your success and ongoing professional growth. And that committment begins at the top. Each of our stylists must complete a rigorous year-long training program that Anjel, our owner, worked with cognitive psychologists for more than a year to develop. The program is taught by Akada master stylists, who have been trained to be skilled communicators.


Our stylists are talented from the start. But we help them evolve into well-rounded professionals who are always learning and sharing their strengths with each other. If you’re an amazing colorist or a wizard with curly hair, we might ask you to teach a class.


Along the way, you will learn:

  • Communication techniques to help you serve your clients and get more referrals
  • Business practices to help you maximize your income
  • The skills gained by other stylists when they travel for professional training


All our stylists are required to travel at least once a year to expand their minds, hone their fashion sense, and refine their skill with hair. And we help them fund these trips. 10% of a stylist’s hair care product sales go into a personal education fund.


The stronger you become, the more income potential you have and the better haircuts you can give your clients. And we believe that’s time and money well spent.


I tell my clients that there’s a lot more to this than what I learned in school. I can learn to be more efficient and get better results. Akada teaches me how to articulate my thoughts and communicate with clients and find out what they want. So I feel like I’ve been doing this for a lot longer than I have.”

—Mackenie Wills

Akada stylist


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